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Sew Sew

Ok so my to sew list goes as follows:

Finish Brown with white polka dot skirt.

Finish the remake of my (amazing/gorgeous) vintage gingham skirt.

Make this Blouse (view B) in Black and a second one in cream polka dot satin -
50s tops

Re-cut top half of vintage jaeger dress.

Make something with fabulous blue and brown plaid fabric i found the other day.


Make Red 3/4 sleeved fitted cardigan

Make navy blue short sleeved 50s sweater.

o_O !!! Thats quite a lot, the list seems to grow everyday, i just have to do a little bit each evening, im sure ill have it all done in no time :)



So yesterday evening was Robins gig, they were not on till 10 so I met up with Greg to go for a couple of drinks. We decided to go to leicester square, when we got there we realised we must have just missed the red carpet for Mr Peggs new film. I was like oh no!, thats rubbish. Oh well (I never really thought I had a chance to meet him).

we went for a couple of drinks (I almost got to try sailor Jerry spiced rum but they had sold out o_0 ) then we left to go to the gig and i noticed there were a couple of people hanging around outside the front of the cinema. I convinced Greg to go have a look at what was going on, and then it turned out it was the end of the premiere, We were right at the front, I think we must have waited like 30 mins. As I was at the front and shorter than anyone else I saw him coming down the stairs first, I gasped :)

He came out, I went up to him and asked him for a picture he posed but i missed the shot because gregs camera phone is shit (i should have just used my phone). It was really crowded outside the cinema with loads of people crowding round him, then he got led away by security guards.

What did i do??????

Well I ran after him, I ran ahead of him so I could walk up to him, I went up to him and said

"Hello Mr Pegg" He said "Hi" I said "can I shake your hand?" He said "Yes" WE SHOOK HANDS :) I said "I think Youre Ace" He nodded And then he said "I really have to go now" there were other people getting autographs and stuff and he wanted to get on to the aftershow party. I said "Ok, Have a great night" and he said "Thank you".

OMG :)

Im so so happy, i cant belive it, he is my favourite actor of all time ever, he is like my hero, ive followed him since Big Train, I never thought I would meet him :)


He was really nice, its so cool that he has time for his fans.

I Met Simon Pegg

Hair Safety!

Im ill so im in bed watching youtube, its frustrating ive been so busy and tired all week that I havn been able to do any of my own stuff, now im off and im too sick to do anything, it feel like ive wasted the day.

An update of sorts!

Well its Robins gig tonight at the The Rythem Factory, Im about to go pin curl my hair and possibly make a dress 0_O

Last night i was up really late altering a coat id bought off ebay, Its faux fur, ive wanted a black faux fur coat for ages, but Ive never been able to find one in my size, they always seem to be really unflattering, and being only 5,3" I tend to look like a ball of fluff. I decided to buy a childs coat, i found a few on ebay that I liked, emailed the sellers for measurements and hey presto settled on a age 9-10, well guess what? when it arrived it didnt fit, not because it was too small but because it was too BIG!!!! Seriously what do people feed there children these days???
So anyway last night I stayed up till 3am (admittedly I didnt start sewing till 12 anyway) taking in the coat, I hand sewed all the lining, which looks really good as im very neat at hand sewing.

Whilst sewing in the lining I watched a film called "Miss Pettigrew lives for a day" It was a nice film to watch whilst sewing, Its set in 1939 in London, just before the start of WWII, its more of a funny tale really than being serious, but there is a serious feel towards the end of the film when the air raid sirens start to sound. The film had some fantastic costumes and hair styles and I found it really interesting to see the carefree glamour of the 30s just before the war, in comparison to the heroic glamour of the war years.

In other news I have found the most amazing forum, its called the Fedora Lounge, anyone interested in vintage hair/ makeup/ living should check it out:


This Saturday

Click for large size!

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Its 1.40pm, im still in my nighty, I stayed up late and then slept in again - Enough im having an early night tonight (i hope- we are going round Caz's for games night). In bed at 12 up at 8, thats the plan, ive got shit i need to be doing.

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So Im back from Cuba!, I got back to the UK on Wednesday, but ive been pretty much jet lagged since then, its my own fault really because i havnt tried to overcome it ive just sort of gone with it.

I uploaded lots of Cuba pics onto my Flickr so go there if you want to see all of them, here are a couple :)

The best Taxi ever!

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